Electrical Engineering deals with generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. With rising demand for electrical energy, the growth of audio and visual communication system and automation in industry the future scope of electrical engineering is bright. It is the most interesting branch of engineering because it involves study of computer, electrical and electronics and communication. Electrical engineering deals with generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Electrical engineers can work in atomic power plants, hydel or thermal power plants. Job opportunities are ample in both private and public sector like Indian railways, metro railways, civil aviation, electricity board and utility companies, electrical design and consultancy firms and all types of manufacturing industries. Opportunities exist in research related jobs including extending battery life of mobiles and laptops, smart power distribution grids, clean energy generation, efficient power source for space missions etc.

The department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty along with excellent laboratory for training the students including access to hands on practical training for in depth knowledge and skill development. The department also encourages students to engage in extra-curricular activities for developing organizational skills, moral values and positive culture for better placement in the industry.