About us


Computer Science & Engineering is one of the most well known and popular discipline of all engineering branches. It deals with design and management of information system including both software and hardware. A computer scientist is involved with computation and design of computational systems. Other disciplines that are involved with computer science & engineering include information technology, electrical and electronics engineering, software and hardware design. Areas of specialization include Database management, embedded systems, telecommunication, computer hardware & software implementation & maintenance, multimedia, web designing and almost all other industries in this sector.

The department has well qualified, experienced and competent faculty along with well maintained state-of-the-art laboratory to train, provide in depth knowledge and skills to students and prepare them for ever-growing career prospects in web applications, computer graphics, video games, network administration, embedded systems, mobile applications, computer programming and computational skills, computer manufacturing etc. The department also encourages students to engage in extra-curricular activities for developing organizational skills, moral values and positive culture for better placement in the industry.