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Architects are the creators of amazing buildings and structures showing the real talent, excellence, human creativity and vision. Career in architecture is attractive, highly paying and has considerable potential in terms of continuous growth. The architects focus on making living easy and comfortable for people ranging from lower-middle class to upper-class with emphasis on housing and shelter with luxury and style. Architects provide professional services to new constructions, renovations, alteration, physical face lift, functional utility and safety of the existing buildings.

The department of Architecture provides a comprehensive course in Architecture Assistantship. The curriculum involves training the students in developing construction plans, layouts, elevation, cross-section in construction drawings along with training on multiple responsibilities which include assistance in preparation of preliminary drawings, calculating dimensions, review of architectural, electrical and mechanical drawings, preparing written reports related to architectural activities. The department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to impart theoretical and practical in depth knowledge and skills to students and empower them for multiple job openings in Government, Engineering offices like PWD, Public Health, Irrigation, Town Planning and also to get gainful employment with private architects.