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Civil engineers are involved with design and supervision in the construction of infrastructure such as roads, buildings, tunnels, dams, airports, bridges, water supply and sewage systems. One of the oldest of the engineering disciplines, civil engineering encompasses many specialties, including structural, water resources, environmental, construction, transportation and geotechnical engineering. The program emphasizes the practical use of geometry, trigonometry and calculus in conjunction with material science, physics and chemistry.  Due to general population growth and expanding economy, more civil engineers will be needed to design and construct higher-capacity transportation, water supply and pollution control systems and larger buildings. They will also be demand for repair and replacement of existing roads, bridges and other public structures.

The department of civil engineering has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art laboratory for providing in-depth knowledge to students and empower them to ever expanding careers in transportation, structural engineering projects, excavation and underground projects, building  dams and canals, waste water treatment, environmental engineering projects pertaining to air pollution, noise pollution and disaster mitigation. The department also encourages students to engage in extra-curricular activities to develop organizational skills, moral values and positive culture for better placement in the industry.