About us


Electronics & Communication has penetrated into every sphere of human life encompassing computers, FM radio, television, mobile phones that influence our daily lives.  Electronics engineers deal with electronic devices and software interfaces, transmission of information across channels like coax cable or optical fibre, integrated circuits, VLSI, microwave and satellite image processing, electronic display, mobile communications, internet technology, electronic equipments in the medical, manufacturing, industrial control, telecommunications, aeronautical and military fields.

The department of Electronics & Communication Engineering has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to impart theoretical and practical in depth knowledge and skills to students and empower them for multiple job openings that include Consumer electronics manufacturing organizations , Telecommunication & IT industries, Health care equipment manufacturing , Mobile communications, Internet technologies, Power Electronics, and other industries like steel, petroleum and chemical industries involving control, testing and production processes. The top recruiters include DMRC, Siemens, Intel, Motorola, Texas Instruments, ISRO, BEL, DRDO, Wipro, HCL, NVidia, Samsung, Tech Mahindra, TCS, Infosys, MTNL, AIR, BSNL, Indian Air force, Indian Navy, Railways, BEL and Philips Electronics.